Cosmopolitan Beauty Award

Collagen Supplement Collagen36 Awarded with the Prestigious Cosmopolitan Beauty Award

The prestigious Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2020 have been presented! Amongst the winners is Collagen36, a dietary supplement with collagen that improves the appearance of skin, nails and hair.

The magazine Cosmopolitan Slovenia has once again given out the yearly Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards to the best in the beauty industry. Amongst the world-renowned beauty brands such as Chanel, Dior, Armani, Revlon and Kevin Murphy, Collagen36, a collagen supplement for better skin, stronger nails and hair, has been presented the award too.

The winners have been chosen with the help of the readers’ online votes and the members of the expert jury formed of Anamarija Lukovac, the Executive Editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine, the Cosmopolitan Magazine beauty editor Ajda Gregorc, dermatologist Dr. Vesna Tlaker, make-up artist Sandra Pranjić and hairstylist Ian Breznik.

Collagen36 Collagen Receiving Recognition by the Dermatologist Dr. Vesna Tlaker

Being a dermatology specialist with years of experience, the Head of the Institute of Dermatology and an author of numerous lectures and articles in professional and general journals alike, Vesna Tlaker, M.D. is the first person to trust with skin problems. She has given the collagen supplement Collagen36 praise for containing hydrolyzed fish collagen, as well as vitamins, plant extracts and zinc, which all have a beneficial effect on the skin, nails and hair.

Why is the Collagen Supplement Collagen36 So Special?

The collagen supplement Collagen36 differs from the similar ones on the market in that it is specially designed, with the help of beauty and hair experts, to improve the beauty of the skin, nails and hair. Apart from the hydrolyzed fish collagen it also contains vitamins and other supplements for stronger and more beautiful hair and nails, while also affecting the firmness, elasticity, hydration and overall beauty of the skin.

Apart from hydrolyzed fish collagen, the collagen supplement Collagen36 also contains:

  • biotin (prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth, helps to strengthen nails),
  • vitamin A (contributes to the proper functioning of cells and the balanced functioning of sebaceous glands),
  • vitamin E (helps to prevent hair loss and hair shine, and maintain the youthful appearance of the skin),
  • vitamin C (participates in the formation of collagen),
  • zinc (contributes to healthy skin and nails),
  • papaya extract (contributes to healthy and youthful skin),
  • Yerba mate tea extract (stimulates metabolism and acts as an antioxidant).

Professional Support

The collagen supplement Collagen36 is available only in selected hair salons, beauty centres, SPAs and nail salons, as it is designed to alleviate the problems faced by professionals in beauty and hair salons:

  • hair loss,
  • slow hair growth,
  • thinning hair,
  • dry hair and split ends,
  • dull and dreary hair,
  • the appearance of tired, dehydrated skin,
  • wrinkles,
  • saggy skin,
  • thin and brittle nails…

With added vitamins and other substances, it is designed to alleviate these problems, while being simple to consume. Enjoy the ready-made, pineapple-flavored drink with no sweeteners every morning, in the recommended daily dose of 25 ml. One bottle suffices a 20-day intake program (20 x 25 ml). It does not contain gluten or soy.

Thanks to Cosmopolitan Slovenia, the expert jury and the readers of the magazine for the votes and the recognition of Collagen36 by naming it one of the best beauty products of a special kind.