Real Life Story (with Video): I Lost 70% of My Hair but Collagen36 Saved Me

Beti Prodbregar, a 36-year-old from Slovenia, shared her true story of hair loss with us – the initial shock, her search for the cause and the solution she found in daily consumption of the liquid collagen Collagen36.

Beti has decided to share her story, as many people struggle with hair loss, but most keep it to themselves, which is why good advice and help are hard to come by.

Real Life Story

Can you imagine combing your hair on just another ordinary day and being left with a fist full of hair in your hand? There are stories out there that don’t seem quite true, and if Beti didn’t have those few photos that show her condition (she captured a couple just for herself, not knowing one day her story would be an inspiration to everyone facing the same problem), one might think that her story is a sham too. However, Beti’s story is very real, with a bit of a scary beginning, but fortunately, a happy ending.

Before drinking Collagen36.

‘‘It all started on a short trip when, while combing my hair like any other day, a bunch of my hair fell out,’’ she starts. “I called a friend into the room, who also couldn’t believe her eyes. We were horrified to find that the bunch had fallen out right at my hairline. All of a sudden, a patch of white scalp appeared in the middle of my mid-length hairstyle, and in fear, I thought of the worst, ’’ Beti recalls the horror of that day.

From Pontius to Pilate

We don’t often talk about scalp problems in Slovenia, and googling doesn’t provide much information either, so Beti immediately signed up for a check-up with her personal doctor. Since their conversation didn’t highlight any of the classic triggers of sudden hair loss (strict diet, disease or weakened immune system, stress, implant…), the doctor referred her to a dermatologist. The dermatologist found that that the scalp looked healthy, without redness or other signs that could reveal the cause of hair loss. She recommended a visit to the gynaecologist, the dentist and an ultra-sound of the abdomen. Beti did it all, mostly self-funded, as the public healthcare queues were too long. The whole situation was not only very stressful for her, but also time-consuming and presented a financial burden. Despite all, she just wanted to get to the bottom of the problem, so after getting the results back, which were all normal, she also got her thyroid checked, as suggested by her der-matologist. The results came back normal too.

Solving the Problems Herself

Betty’s life changed practically overnight. She was looking for solutions to her problems, knocking on various clinics’ doors, while still trying to live a normal life. She had to continue going to work, as you don’t get sick days for such health issues, especially since there was no indication that she was sick. But there were more and more bald spots on her scalp, which she tried to cover up with wigs and scarves: ” At first you don’t want people to notice, but life goes on, you go to work, do sports… I also tried to solve the problem with dietary supplements and various vitamins, but nothing helped me. ” After her hair stylist recommended it to her, she also started taking the liquid collagen Collagen36. She invested in the purchase of three bottles, which was a significant amount of money for her, but still cheaper than buying many nutritional supplements at the pharmacy. After finishing the three bottles, a change happened, but not quite the kind Beti wanted.

Unexpected Changes

While drinking Collagen36.

The hair grew, but it was completely white. The hair stylist encouraged her to continue taking Collagen36, and they tried to dye her hair. However, the texture of the hair was completely different, so only a light blonde dye stuck. Eventually, with a persistent use of Collagen36, the hair started thickening and regaining its previous texture and color. After a 6-month use of the liquid collagen Collagen36, the traces of hair loss on Beti’s scalp completely disappeared, she just decided to go for a shorter hair style. When her condition was back to normal, she stopped taking Collagen36, but 20 days later, she found a slight increase in the amount of hair on her comb, and since her previous experience was so traumatising, she didn’t want to risk it. Still to this day, she takes the hydrolyzed fish collagen with added vitamins and minerals for hair growth every morning.

Collagen36 Is Her Staple

After drinking Collagen36.

Beti says she hasn’t yet found the reason why this happened to her. It’s not alopecia  (an autoimmune disease causing hair loss), no one in the family has had a similar experience, she is healthy, and has not experienced the typical triggers that could be to blame for sudden hair loss. As her condition has completely improved with the help of the liquid collagen Collagen36, the healthcare system no longer treats her.

Of course, there is a certain amount of fear present that it will all happen again one day, but for now, she’s trying not to think about it. She starts the day with Collagen 36, which contains 7,500 mg of hydrolyzed collagen in its daily dose, because she knows that her body needs it for healthy hair growth, and at the same time, it also made her skin more beautiful.

P.S .: If your hair is falling out more than usual, it may not be alarming just yet. We lose 50 to 100 hairs every day, which is about 0.001 percent. It only becomes worrying when this number gets twice as high, your ponytail becomes visibly thinner, you notice lumps of your hair in the bathtub or are missing whole patches on your scalp. In this case, like Beti, see your personal doctor first.