The Beauty of Nails Comes From Within

In modern life, appearance of the utmost importance. Fashion and beauty industry are constantly looking for new ways to emphasize or highlight the smallest detail that can help you further enhance your overall image and achieve perfection.

Nails play a very important role in this. Perfectly manicured nails emphasize the beauty of well‑groomed hands and fingers. The right nail polish complements the overall color image of makeup, clothing, and accessories. Nails can even play the main role with unique nail art, shapes or accessories such as shiny crystals.

External factors weakening and damaging the nails

Nail polishes, glue for artificial nails, poor nutrition, natural processes in the body, and weather conditions weaken nails, making them more vulnerable to damage. Nails are a mirror of health and human habits, including bad ones, such as nail biting.

The most harmful factors are weather and chemical (cosmetic) preparations. Especially winter is a very rough time of year for our nails since they are subjected to less moisture and are more brittle due to the cold. Manicured painted nails look nice and attractive but the constant treatment with various cosmetics and nail polish cause great damage. The same goes for nail glue.

The most common nail damage and injuries that can be prevented

Nails are among the more exposed parts of the body, so injuries are quite common. Many can be prevented by the use of proper protection, proper care, and nail strengtheners:

  • mechanical damage – broken, split or cracked nails resulting from work or sports;
  • injuries due to improper care – especially ingrown nails caused by nail biting or cutting nails incorrectly; also included here are injuries of well-manicured nails that are too long;
  • damages of poorly-groomed nails – poorly groomed fingernails that are too long break and damage sooner or later, especially during outdoor activities;
  • damages of weakened nails – weather, nail polish, glue, and above all aging weaken the nails, making them brittle and sensitive. Consequently nails tend to break, split, and crack. Weakness of nails is one of the main causes of most injuries, even if nails are properly groomed, sufficiently shortened, and protected.

Make sure that your nails are not constantly covered with polish or extensions, that they are properly trimmed, and, above all, regularly groomed. The easiest way to prevent fragility is through a healthy diet, an active lifestyle, and proper nutritional supplements that your nails need for healthy growth. Of these, collagen is the most important.

Strengthen your nails

Collagen is a key protein for the growth of hair, teeth, cartilage, skin, and nails. The latter are strongly affected by collagen deficiency. As we age, our bodies are no longer able to provide sufficient quantities of it, therefore, taking Collagen36 is the best way to strengthen nails and promote their healthy growth – not only do nails grow longer but also thicker and stronger.

Collagen type I and III are the most vital for nails and according to research, they reduce nail fragility by as much as 42%. The change is visible after a few weeks of regular use of Collagen36, but do not forget – in addition to Collagen36, regular and proper care is essential for healthy, beautiful, attractive, and strong nails.

Healthy nails are firm and shiny, which also means that they are less prone to damages due to occasional nail polish application and external factors compared to weakened nails. Attractive nails also reduce the need for the use of nail polish and other fashionable accessories.