Active Lifestyle

The Importance of Collagen For an Active Lifestyle

Demanding and fast modern lifestyle is closely linked to the strains at work, stress, and lack of rest that can quickly lead to mental and physical exhaustion. On the one hand, there is the usual chase after success, money, and career, and on the other, there is an obsession with youthful looks and beauty ideals that results in excessive exercise and efforts that often your body and mind just cannot take.

Solution? A happy medium! By achieving a healthy balance between work and leisure time, and between healthy diet and active lifestyle with a wide variety of activities. And what does Collage36 have to do with all this?

Benefits of Collagen36 for an active lifestyle

Collagen is important for our well-being, appearance, and performance of the body. The effects of a declining ability to produce natural collagen, which starts around the age of twenty-five, can be even more visible when combined with an unhealthy lifestyle and excessive exercise. This is reflected in our looks (skin, hair, nails), muscle and joint pain, problems with the digestive tract, and related overall discomfort. Regular consumption of Collagen36 strengthens the body and enables a more active lifestyle without the negative consequences.

Collagen strengthens the muscles

Amino acid glycine in Collagen36 is responsible for muscle growth and development. It helps to prevent age-related muscle loss and more muscle strength makes it easier to cope with everyday strains. 

Reduced joint pain

Difficult exercise often leads to increased joint (cartilage) wear and thus pain and inflammation in the joints and muscles. Collagen36 is key for healthy cartilage and can greatly alleviate arthritis symptoms. According to some studies, it can also prevent or completely stop its development and progression.

Fewer injuries, faster recovery 

Intense sporting activity is closely linked to injury. Almost no one is immune to it, as it can happen to anyone professional to recreational athletes. Muscle, tendon, joint, and other tissue damage can be caused by a variety of causes:

  • excessive exercise without warming up the whole body or individual body parts;
  • too much stress and too little rest;
  • inefficient regeneration;
  • excessive straining;
  • mechanical injuries.

Collagen36 maintains muscle growth and flexibility, cartilaginous joints flexibility, and firm bones and ligaments. Therefore, exercise pain occurs later and the chance of injury is reduced.

In addition to preventing injury, Collagen36 also plays an important role in accelerating recovery, especially after muscle, tendon, sinew, and joint injuries. In the case of damaged muscle fibers, collagen synthesis in muscle cells is increased, and muscle fiber regeneration and connective tissue formation begin (scars). Collagen types I and II are extremely important for faster healing and recovery of muscle fibers, as well as shorter recovery time after injury.

Digestive health

Collagen36 is also beneficial for the gastrointestinal tract, as it is crucial for a healthy stomach and gut lining, which is actually the entire digestive tract. This results in better digestion and a more efficient nutrient absorption. Health and gastrointestinal restoration are also important in preventing bacterial infections and poisoning. Collagen36 can help you support health and efficient functioning of your digestive tract, which is one of the foundations of whole-body health.

For good looks

Skin, hair, and nails are most exposed to weather and are at the same those parts of our body that other notice first. In addition to the weather, time is also not their friend and the most noticeable changes appear on the skin:

  • due to reduced elasticity, wrinkles begin to appear, 
  • skin loses its glow, 
  • the effects of sun damage on the skin become more visible, 
  • the effects of skin exposure to cold and wind, lack of moisture, and other factors also contribute to faster skin aging. 

An important factor is also age-related lack or reduced production of natural collagen in the body. It means that hair, skin, and nails do not have enough of the basic building blocks for their healthy growth and regeneration; therefore, taking Collagen36 is the best way to restore natural beauty and look better.