Want to lose weight? Let collagen help you.

I want to lose weight, you want to lose weight, he/she wants to lose weight … Almost every adult has come across counting the calories or any other form of weight loss in their life. Common denominators of most weight-loss programs are all sorts of strict diets and short-lived results, as lost pounds start creeping back almost immediately. This way, one is quickly caught in a vicious cycle of constant sacrifices, cyclical weight gain and loss, psychological pressure, and other side effects that are very harmful for one’s health.

Stop losing weight; strive to maintain a healthy weight

Recent research has confirmed the importance and positive impact of collagen in weight loss. In fact, one could hardly call it weight loss, since it is so much more. Taking collagen helps to lose weight in a controlled manner, while also beautifying your skin, strengthening your bones, and helping maintain a healthy body weight after shedding those extra pounds.

How does collagen work?

Collagen is one of the most important proteins that makes up 70% of the skin and 90% of connective tissues in a human body. Our bodies are able to produce collagen, but its natural production starts reducing significantly, as we age; therefore, it is recommended that we consume it as a dietary supplement. In addition to all the other positive effects, Collagen36 also plays an important role in weight loss, which is not linked to just one ‘weight loss component’.

Regular collagen consumption increases the feeling of satiety, according to some studies up to 40%. Satiety is not just momentary and it has a number of related effects that help you lose weight:

  • Increased sense of satiety reduces the craving for unhealthy snacks between meals or in the evening, especially sugary treats, savory and greasy snacks (potato chips, chocolate and other sweets, salty nuts …);
  • Collagen strengthens bones and muscles and helps regenerate cartilage – all of these tissues are the basis for motion and sports activities;
  • Decreases the intensity of muscle loss due to aging, therefore, one can take part in sports longer and more intensively;
  • Helps maintaining skin’s elasticity when losing fat deposits, making the effects of wrinkling less visible.

Strong will and – collagen!

Despite all its advantages and benefits, collagen is not a magic wand you can just wave and solve all your problems at once. Regular consumption brings all of the benefits listed above that happen automatically in the body (cartilage regeneration, muscle and bone strengthening, skin, hair and nails beautification, and slower age-related muscle loss) but you will see the results even faster if you change or improve your lifestyle:

  • Fewer evening snacks will unburden your stomach and you will be able to go to sleep earlier, you will sleep better and longer, and be able to get up earlier.
  • Better blood circulation and stronger bones, muscles, and joints will make you less tired after exercise; you will experience less muscle and joint pain and injuries, which are usually the result of poor fitness levels.
  • You will not feel the need for eating (too) much at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as Collagen36 increases the sense of satiety as well as effectively diminishes appetite, reducing craving for big meals.

Once you have achieved your goal …

As mentioned at the beginning – one of the biggest problems of weight loss is the short duration of the results or the yo-yo effect. Regular intake of collagen also helps to overcome this problem, as one feels no need to start eating and snacking more again. Moreover, wellbeing is a very good motive for maintaining fitness through regular exercise. You will soon notice another benefit of taking collagen – your will look better with plumper, firmer, and shinier skin and strong hair and nails.